Máy in UV Taimes T1016 GH2220 Flatbed

Đăng bởi Mr. Quang | 16/05/2018 | 2466
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Máy in UV Taimes T1016 GH2220 Flatbed

  1. Japan Ricoh GH2220 printhead, small droplet 3-5pl, it can print high quality and print stably.
    Silicon based print head technology
    Number of nozzle: 384
    Print width:32.4mm
    Drop volume: 3-5pl
    Delivery excellent cost performance (for sign graphics, textile, and coding and making markets).
    Support water and solvent inks.
    Multi-drop technology enables gray scale expressions.
  2. 2. Use famous brand UV tube and it can solify the ink more effectively. Long time lifetime and more stable quality. The LED lamp can last 35000hours.

    3. Powerful fan system.
       The printing platform's function of sectional vacuum absorption meets the demand of printing media in various formats and ensures a close bond between media and the platform.

    4. Negative pressure system.
    The standby backup battery of the printer can maintain the work of negative pressure system when the printer is suddenly short of electricity. Furthermore, the printer can be engaged in work as soon as the supply of electricity continues

    5. Use Imported chain and flexible cable to make sure the smooth of movement when printing.
    6. Hiwin special design synchronous leading screw control movement, ensure the accuracy of printing,

    Technical parameters:
    Model TAIMES T1016 GH2220 Flatbed UV printer
    Color C M Y K (white color are optional) 
    Printhead RICOH Gh2220 3.5PL(Piezoelectric Printhead)
    Top Resolution 600,900,1200,1800,2400dpi
    Speed Up to 38 ㎡/h
    Media Wood panel, Aluminum panel, door plank, paperboard, PVC expansion sheet, ceiling panel, glass, ceramics, acrylic, PVC, etc.
    Size of Material Maximum Printing Area:
    Panel:1.0m(width)x 1.6m(depth)
    Thickness of Material Panel:≤70mm
    Weight of Material Panel:≤ 45 kg/m2
    Image format Tiff,Jpeg,Postscript3,EPS,PDF,AI and so on
    Ink Environmental protective UV ink
    Power Supply AC,50HZ/60HZ , 220v(±10%)>15A ;2.5kw(exclusive of fan)
    Printing software Photoprint
    Optional  Air Compressor
    Net & Gross 400kg/500kg
    Package dimensions (W x D x H) 2.3x2.2x1.2m
    Operation environment Temperature: 15-30℃(59-86℉)
    Humidity: 40-80% RH (non-condensing)
    Operating Noise ≤80dB
    Safety Certification CE Certification
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